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  Stronger Together  

Stronger Together: Hillary Clinton’s Plan for An Economy That Works for Everyone, Not Just Those at the Top.

America is stronger together. That idea is written into the basic fabric of our country, and stamped on the coins we carry: out of many, one. And we are stronger together when we grow together—when we all contribute to our prosperity and we all share in the rewards. We are stronger together when we have an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.

Thanks to the strength of the American people, we have worked our way back from the Great Recession. Our economy has added 14 million private-sector jobs over 75 straight months, the longest streak on record. But even as our workers have fought back from the crisis, too many Americans are still left out and left behind. Our representatives in Washington, mired in a politics of gridlock and special interests, too often contribute to our economic problems rather than solve them. The bonds that once tied our corporations to their communities and our country have frayed over decades – with workers today too often treated as costs to be cut for short-term gain, rather than assets to be invested in for the long run. The experience of our families and the face of our workforce itself have also changed, but our policies haven’t kept pace. Instead of growing together, we’re in danger of growing apart – with too few good-paying jobs, too much inequality, and a lack of basic economic security and fairness for working families.

We can meet these challenges. We can spur more economic growth, which will create more good-paying jobs and raise wages. And we can have more economic fairness, so the rewards are shared with everyone, not just those at the top. But we won’t succeed with simple slogans, divisive rhetoric, or reckless leadership. To grow together, we must work together as a nation – workers and CEOs; non-profits and organizations of faith; governments at every level and businesses of all sizes – to build a stronger future.

Hillary Clinton is running for President to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. And she is setting five big goals to get there:

  1. Break Through Washington Gridlock to Make the Boldest Investment in Good Paying Jobs Since the Vietnam War.

  2. Make Debt Free College Available to All Americans.

  3. Rewrite the Rules to Ensure That Workers Share in the Profits They Help Create.

  4. Ensure That Those at the Top Pay Their Fair Share.

  5. Put Families First by Matching Our Policies to How Families Live, Learn, and Work in the 21st Century Economy.


Our country has a strong bipartisan tradition of investing in our future—from Eisenhower’s Interstate highway system, which unlocked the potential of the American economy and drove the rise of the middle class, to the Apollo program, which put a man on the moon and fueled giant leaps forward in technology and innovation. Hillary Clinton will break through the gridlock in Washington to make these investments, which have been a hallmark of American prosperity, once again possible.

From her first day in office to her last, Hillary will make it a central priority to make sure that every American can find a good-paying job, with rising incomes across the board. That’s why she will make the largest investment in good-paying jobs since World War II. These investments will not just create good jobs today, they will unlock the potential of our businesses to create good-paying jobs in the future. And she is setting a goal of a full employment, full-potential economy, where we break down barriers and create good-paying jobs in every community, for people across the country willing to work hard. That’s why Hillary will:

  • Launch our country’s boldest investments in infrastructure since we built the Interstate highway system.

  • Make audacious advancement in research and technology, creating the industries and jobs of the future.

  • Establish the U.S. as the clean energy superpower of the world—with half a billion solar panels installed by the end of her first term and enough clean renewable energy to power every home in American within ten years of her taking office.

  • Strengthen American manufacturing with a $10 billion “Make it in America” plan.

  • Cut red tape, provide tax relief and expand access to capital so small businesses can grow, hire and thrive.

  • Ensure that the jobs of the future in caregiving and services are good-paying jobs, recognize their fundamental contributions to families and to America.

  • Pursue smarter, fairer, tougher trade policies that put U.S. job creation first and that get tough on nations like China that seek to prosper at the expense of our workers – including opposing trade deals, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, that do not meet a high bar of creating good-paying jobs and raising pay.

  • Commit to a full employment, full-potential economy and break down barriers so that growth, jobs, and prosperity are shared in every community in America, no matter where you live and no matter your race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

  • Appoint Federal governors who share the belief that maximum employment is an essential prong of the Federal Reserve’s dual mandate.


An economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, is based on the idea of equal opportunity and a belief that anyone can rise. That vision of our nation only works if we renew our commitment to education at every level. That’s why Hillary will fight for transformational investments that prepare the next generation for the jobs of the future—starting with debt-free college:

  • Provide an opportunity for debt-free college to all Americans—because debt should never be a barrier to equal opportunity.

  • Ease the crushing burden of student debt for 40 million Americans by allowing students to refinance at lower rates and making sure that none of them have to pay more than they can afford.

  • Ensure that every 4-year old in America has access to high-quality preschool in the next 10 years.

  • Fight for world-class K-12 education for every child in every zip code.

  • Lift up programs that invest in our workforce and equip Americans with lifelong skills and education.


Businesses thrive all over our country by seeing employees as assets to invest in, not costs to cut. They’re building companies, not stripping them, and creating good jobs, not eliminating them. But too many corporations take the opposite view. They seem to have forgotten that one of the biggest assets on their balance sheets is America itself. Hillary will make it easier for companies that take the “high road,” like sharing profits with their workers and investing in them over the long term. And she will make it harder for them to take the “low road,” by mistreating their workers and customers or walking out on America to avoid paying their fair share in taxes.

  • Reward companies that share profits with their employees, not just their executives.

  • Fight for unions that built the great American middle class and strengthen collective bargaining.

  • Encourage businesses to provide worker training and apprenticeships.

  • End the tyranny of “quarterly capitalism” and encourage companies to invest in America for the long-run.

  • Reform our tax code to reward businesses that invest in jobs in the United States, and impose an exit tax on companies that move overseas to avoid paying their taxes.

  • Strengthen our antitrust laws and enforcement so businesses get ahead by competing and benefitting their customers – not by unfairly concentrating markets

  • Claw back the special tax breaks that corporations receive for locating research and production here at home if they ship jobs overseas, and use the proceeds to invest in America.

  • Make the minimum wage a living wage and fight for equal pay.

  • Pursue worker-friendly policies to make it harder for companies to race to the bottom in search of profits.

  • Defend Wall Street reform and push for new measures to ensure that Wall Street never threatens Main Street again.


Our tax code is rigged for those at the top, making it harder to invest in our future, whether it’s in infrastructure, education or healthcare. We need policies to address these discrepancies in our tax code and go after all the scams, loopholes, and special breaks exploited by corporations and the mega-rich, like the carried interest loophole that lets some hedge fund managers pay a lower rate than a teacher or a nurse. She believes that by making sure the most fortunate and corporations pay their fair share, we can afford to pay for the ambitious progressive investments she has put forward, in a fiscally responsible way, without adding to the debt.

As President, Hillary will make sure that corporations and the most fortunate play by the rules and pay their fair share – because they can afford it, and we’re all in this together. She will:

  • Reform our individual income tax code to make sure that no millionaire pays a lower tax rate than a middle-class family and impose a surcharge on the incomes of multi-millionaires.

  • Close tax loopholes and special breaks that make it possible for the wealthy and corporations to avoid paying their fair share.

  • Charge a risk fee on major Wall Street institutions.

  • Close the “carried interest” loophole for Wall Street money managers – acting without Congress if it will not move forward on its own.

  • Offer relief to the middle class from rising costs – such as child care, health care, and education.


When we forged the basic bargain of our economy, with guarantees like Social Security, minimum wage, overtime pay, child labor laws, and other protections we count on today, our economy was very different. Most families got by on one income, and workers could expect to hold a steady job with good benefits for an entire career. Despite massive shifts in how our economy works today, too many of our policies are outdated and basic protections have not kept up. We need policies that match how we actually live and work in this 21st century economy. That means updating the basic bargain and putting families first. Hillary will:

  • Guarantee paid family leave.

  • Strengthen and expand Social Security.

  • Provide universal, affordable healthcare.

  • Cap prescription drug costs and prevent price gouging by pharmaceutical companies.

  • Make affordable, high-quality childcare available to all.

  • Break down barriers to make affordable housing and homeownership possible for hard working families.


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